The Best In The World

The fund managers who manage unit trusts are arguably some of the best in the world. Many of the fund management companies are world spanning companies, with billions of pounds under management. But with the best will in the world no one company has the best fund management capability in every single investment area. One company may have the best fund manager investing in the UK, but their US team may be somewhat lacking. Another may have the best Japanese fund manager, but be always at the bottom of the table in Europe.

At Minerva Fund Managers we are out to pick the crème de la crème in each, and every sector. We can choose from any of the 2146 unit trusts. We are not looking for the fund that is top of the league today, but bottom next year. We are seeking the fund managers that produce excellent returns, year in, year out. We are looking for consistency. That is why we invested our time and resources into developing the Minerva rating system.