Financial Adviser Boards (FABs)

There are two FABs, the SRI Portfolio Board and the Conventional Portfolio Board. These boards meet quarterly to discuss portfolio performance, fund selection and investment views for the coming quarter. These Boards are limited to a very small number of advisers, as we want to maintain the convivial and effective operation of each group. If you want to know about the Boards, please contact us.

SRI Portfolio Board

This was the first Board we set up. It started in 2009 when we were asked by a ‘Green’ IFA if we could manage portfolios for his clients, and allow him to have an input into the investment process. This included taking into account his views on funds to be used in the different portfolios and what he thought about various markets prospects. Minerva now manages all its SR and Ethical Portfolios with input from the SRI Portfolio Board. Click here to see more about the SRI portfolios.

Conventional Portfolio Board

Following on from the success of the SRI Portfolio Board, we established the Conventional Portfolio Board. This board manages portfolios that do not have a restrictive fund universe.