Conventional Portfolios

The Conventional Portfolio Board are currently involved with three portfolios; the Balanced Growth portfolio, the Balanced Income portfolio and the Monthly Income portfolio.

  • Balanced Growth This portfolio aims to achieve medium to long term capital growth by investing in a spread of collective investments with an emphasis on core holdings. Normally 30% to 60% of the portfolio will be invested in the UK (in order to reduce currency risk) and 10% to 20% will be invested in Fixed Interest Funds.
  • Balanced Income The portfolio seeks long term capital growth and income by investment in a spread of funds. Normally 20% to 60% of the portfolio will be invested in the UK, 10% to 30% will be invested in overseas equities and 20% to 40% invested in Fixed Interest Funds.
  • Monthly Income Portfolio This portfolio aims for medium to long term capital growth and rising income to be achieved by investment in a spread of UK equity income collective investments. Funds will be chosen using the Minerva Rating System. There are six holdings in the portfolio. Funds selected for this portfolio have dividend payment dates to cover each month of the year. Any fund not meeting our performance criteria will be replaced with another fund that has the payment dates in the same month.

Minerva Ratings

When the Minerva Ratings were created, we were asked to run a number of portfolios which utilised them. These are called the GEMs portfolios. GEM stood for Great Eight Management and these portfolios had eight holdings each portfolio. The rationale for eight holdings is that traditionally this was the optimum number of holdings on the risk-reward curve. There are four portfolios;

  • GEMs Portfolio This is a ‘Balanced’ equity portfolio. Four holdings are taken from the sectors investing in the UK, one from the Minerva North American sector, one from the Minerva Japanese sectors, one from the Minerva European sector and one from the Far East excluding Japan sector.
  • GEMs UK Equity Income Portfolio: This portfolio has eight holdings from the Minerva UK Income sector, which includes funds from both the UK Equity Income sector and the UK Equity & Bond Income sector.
  • GEMs International This portfolio was set up for investors that had direct investments in the UK, for example with their stock broker, and wanted a portfolio of collective investments that didn’t have funds from the sectors invested in the UK. It takes funds from the four overseas sectors used in the GEMs Portfolio, plus one from the Far East including Japan sector, one from the Minerva Commodity and Australia Sector and two ‘floaters’, which come from the International sectors.
  • GEMs Fixed Interest These eight holdings are taken from the five fixed interest sectors (Global Bonds, Sterling Corporate Bond, Sterling High Yield, Sterling Strategic Bond and UK Gilt).

The other two portfolios that Minerva have been managing since the 1990s are the Medium Risk Portfolio, also known as the Balanced Growth Portfolio and the Growth Portfolio.

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